About Us

DSC_7572_01We connect, support, and represent the one million parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender in this country and the two million children they are raising.

Because of Our Work:

  • Moms and dads who are LGBT come together in a strong community that provides friendship, good advice, and support—just like any other community of parents.
  • Children with parents who are LGBT can meet, play, and make friends with other children who have LGBT moms and dads.
  • LGBT men and women can find information on starting a family, adopting, or becoming foster parents—and children can find forever families.
  • More Americans know a family with parents who are LGBT — and realize how much we have in common.
  • Children are safer from bullying.
  • More schools, places of worship, hospitals and clinics, and government agencies treat families with parents who are LGBT the respect that all families deserve.
  • The law more often recognizes all the moms and dads who have made the commitment to be parents.
  • We are creating a world where all loving families are recognized, respected, protected, and celebrated.